Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


It was time consuming and we should not be put in this position. I think it would be a good idea to talk with a councillor or arrange some sort of communication. There are so many people effected by this and the council and government should take heed.
Looking at forums from other parts of London, same issues. The other thing is that when they are charging you £1000 to paint a door in your block, they are also paying these contractors £1000 of public funds for every other door in the block.
But are the tenants aren’t paying they don’t say anything. Therefore when no one complains the quality of work goes down. If we didn’t have to have this charges , would we still complain?? Even when you know what’s happening. But this is effecting other services when money is not available because it’s been wasted.
We should communicate this to Camden council and the MP.
These issues aren’t new they have been going on for ages . Leaseholder have been forced out of their homes.
I know someone that ended up selling because he got so fed up to these horrendous charges and having to fight them all the time.
I understand by selling up he doesn’t have the problem but next owner will go through the same issues. Basically kicking the can down the road .