Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


I have a 1 bedroom flat on the St Silas estate which is having a new heating system installed.
I wont bore you with the detail of the last 6/7 years of alleged consultation but it seems that they are finally going ahead.
The estimate for my flat is in the region of £23K and I can only imagine that the final cost will be more.
The lack of transparency, honesty and professionalism from the council officers and contractors has been astounding.
Despite requesting details of the rational for the decisions on what system was best suited and would provide best value we have only ever got vague responses with no substance.
We still don’t know what shape the installation in our flats is going to take.
I have been in regular touch with councillor Alison Kelly and she is willing to help but it has to be driven by us. I previously tried to contact the tenants and particularly reached out to fellow leaseholders in my block and the one next door as we have similar issues in relation to the options choose by Camden. I was contacted by 2 leaseholders but both have since sold and have or are moving on. The response was disappointing to say the least!
Some years ago I contacted our MP he was not much interested in the issue and I guess he is now far to busy with other interest!
I think a WhatsApp group might help we had one one previously but it petered out. I doubt Camden will help with information on other leaseholders to contact more than likely quoting Data Protection