Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


ok, lots of posts on this topic. I think we are all in the same boat, all being totally ripped off by the council with crazy high fees offering little or no value for money, but the question is how do we take this forward and take action against the council ? Without this, I fear these kind of charges will continue year after year. Lets start with a whatsapp group. Can everyone email me their mobile number to:
Once I get your email with your number I can create a group. Perhaps we all need a meeting. Potentially we need to employ an audit firm to investigate the spending, and potentially a legal firm to take action. As I’ve said, I’ve paid circa £14k over 4 years on my place, scaffolding was up for a year before anyone even went to the building. Its got to the stage where I’m not tempted to sell the flat just to get out of this crap !