Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


I have a flat on the Silas Estate and have been in touch with Camden several times about the high estimates for renewing the heating system. I have heard that costs shouldn’t far exceed what the cost the leaseholder to do privately – whereas the estimate for my flat is over 20K. I then went on online and noticed a further list of ‘major works’ under the section headed ‘Property Details’ (under Major works it only listed the heating, under Property Details the total came to about 27K per unit.
I made a complaint about lack of communication several months ago – and have not had a response! I phoned up Leaseholder services and it was suggested I could go to Tribunal….
I am also concerned that the new heating system will be out of date -it has been discussed for so many years and in the meantime technology and environmental considerations have changed.
I would be up for group effort.