Reply To: Gaisford Street – Major works charges


With all that is going on in Liverpool and the police probe into building and development contracts in the city, we must have an independent survey of what is going on in Camden. I’ve tried to fight costs before, but as everyone has said, if it is just lone voices the council can either throw you a bone or just dig in its heels. I have had itemised accounts in the past, which of course add up but are astronomical in their costs. I was also sent the wrong one at one point for a block that I didn’t live in. Looked like a cut and paste job with the addresses changed. If all the work done was gold standard then the prices could maybe, somehow be justified, but in my experience that is not the case. I would also like to know exactly what the Council’s insurance does cover. If we are really serious I would rather pay into a fund for auditors than give any more to the Council.