Reply To: Solicitor recommendations


It seems to me that Anthony Gold could help us not just with excessive major works demands, but also Camden’s failure to meet its obligations as freeholder, including failing to carry out necesssary repairs and deal with noise and nuisance issues. Given that as a group we could push quite a bit of work their way, could Anthony Gold, as a starting point, give us a presentation (on zoom) explaining how they can help us, their previous experience of dealing with Camden and other councils, and how and at what point we should approach them.

Also, I think members of the leaseholders committee may have taken legal advice or brought legal action against Camden, and it would be great if they could also share their previous experience, perhaps on the same zoom call. It would be particularly useful to know how leaseholders on an estate organise themselves as a group. We on our estate have found it difficult to form a leaseholders group and it is tricky knowing how to split costs between leaseholders.