Reply To: Rodmell – Major Works invoices


Hi, thanks for starting this. I think you missed a ‘1’ so it’s £1,559.36.

Yes, the amount for Major Works at Rodmell has been absolutely staggering. So there is the £2,032.19 and then the £1,559.36 that you have already mentioned, which are dated 31 Mar 2020 and 15 Sept 2020. Then there was £6,090.93 dated 28 Feb 2020. All dated to the same year! And on top of that, the approx. £1,800 of service charges as well.

I have paid most of these in line with the minimum payments required and have not taken up anything further with Camden. I’ve been too busy with work to do any further investigation. If you know anything about what is going on with the Residents’ Association in Rodmell or would like to discuss further, please do PM me. Thanks.