Reply To: Better Homes estimate


The item you refer to is a heads-up for planned maintenance work which is in the pipeline. The figures are only best estimates for a scope of works based on a stock condition survey and may go up or down.

Camden has entered into long term agreements (Contract 19-004: years 2020 to 2024) with shortlisted contractors to deliver its Better Homes programme and other major works. The selected contractors took part in a competitive tender process and submitted the most economically advantageous tenders.

The framework agreement consists of 7 specialisms – to cater for the various types of work – and sets out the terms, particularly relating to price and quality, under which individual contracts (call-offs) can be awarded following mini-competitions.

A mini-competition process for each package of work to be called off under the framework agreement invites the contractors to submit their best price for that package. Camden says this price will not exceed, and will potentially improve upon, the prices in the framework agreement.

Before a contractor is appointed, Camden is legally required to consult leaseholders. They will send you a Schedule 3 notice which will describe the work package and give you the opportunity to comment on the proposed works (but not to nominate a contractor).

Camden’s External Better Homes Programme schedule of planned works may be found here: