Reply To: Weedington Estate heating and hot water


Welcome to the nightmare, we have been going through this process for more years than I care to remember. I’m on St Silas my account at this point stands at 35K for a 1 bedroom flat I’ve been reassured that it will be adjusted down to 29K!!!! Camden have be dishonest and at times as near to liars as you can get. w
the work on our flats has started and they are treating the building as if it was a new build site. they expect you to clear the flat in such a way that they can work in all areas at the same time with no consideration to the fact that these are our homes with all the possessions that decades of living there entails.
No one in Camden gives a damn, The Leaseholders Forum is paralysed by a leadership that prefers to sit on it’s hands than fight. There are a few members that have tried to shake things up put with limited success.
In my case I’m waiting till the work is done and a final account presented and then I will go to tribunal for what I’m guessing will be a long fight with limited success as i cannot afford to pay for representation. But fight i will