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    I have received an estimate from Camden for external building work to my property, under the Better Homes project, the work is due to start in early 2019. My estimate is for £34,000, which was arrived at after a cursory external inspection (I was not informed that this would be happening and was not present). A contractor has now been appointed and I have been told at Consultation meetings that the final list of work to be done and therefore the final cost will be decided once scaffolding goes up and a proper survey takes place. Obviously I am concerned by this apparent ad-hoc approach, at the lack of any control I have over what work may be carried out, how the work is done and the cost.

    1) Does anyone else have a similar experience or have any advice they can give me?
    2) I have been advised to appoint my own surveyor who can shadow Camden and act in my interests. If I do, how can my own surveyor successfully challenge Camden’s findings? Can anyone suggest a surveyor they have used?


    Leighton Grove

    Have you seen the thread about Leighton Grove below?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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