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    Hi – Does anyone have any recommendations for Landlord Insurance?
    I let my flat at the moment and have a policy organised through Simply Business. The actual policy is from UK General.
    The premium is currently £265 per year.
    It has gone up from £174 per year in 2015.
    Any better suggestions than this?
    Also – the policy clearly states that there should be an inspection of the flat roof within the last 2 years, but this is not something I have ever been able to get from Camden.
    The insurance company have assured me that it is not a problem, but I feel it may well be if I ever need to make a claim.
    Thanks in advance for any thoughts.



    Cancel the policy and then get a new one with them or at least find out how much the premium will be if you get a new policy will be because usually if you don’t let it keep rolling the new policy costs around the same amount as the first. We always do this with contents insurance. They always try and raise it at least 10% then you go back to the website and get a new one and is the same or near price as you paid the year before lol



    We have used Ryan Insurance Group , who have arranged the insurance with Vasek Insurance.



    Thanks for the information and sound advice.



    Thanks again for your advice. So glad I asked on this forum. I contacted Ryans and my premium is now back to £176 per year. Result!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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