You will need to be logged in to use any of these features. n.b. Your name will appear in the top right hand corner if you are successfully logged in.
To send a message to someone: click on their name within the Discussion Board and then press “send name a message” on the next screen that you will see.
To see all your messages click here (this link only works if you are logged in!). You will also be sent an individual notification each time there is a new message, taking you straight to that message.
Click here to edit your profile or manage your email alerts: this is the text and any biographical/profile information that appears when you click a name on the Discussion Board. Bear in mind that this is visible to the whole internet, so we do not recommend including full addresses or contact details (n.b. we recommend using Messages when you want to contact someone individually). Email alerts are just the settings in relation to direct messages (not your mailing list subscriptions or Discussion Board digests).