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Welcome to our Discussion Board. To post comments on our Discussion Board or to use Messaging you need to register a username and your email address below. Your username can be anything and is displayed alongside your comments  (we don’t recommend using your email address, for privacy reasons).

TIP: Although the registration asks for a 12 character password, this is only a recommendation. You can overtype it and use something shorter if you prefer.

Bonus features
Click here to edit your profile: This is the text that appears when you click a name on the Discussion Board. It’s the text within the “Biographical Info” section that counts. Bear in mind that this is visible to the whole internet, so we do not recommend including full addresses or contact details (n.b. we recommend using Messages when you want to contact someone individually).

Click here to adjust your message alerts: these are just the settings in relation to direct messages (not your mailing list subscriptions or Discussion Board digests). Although there is a Biography and Social Profiles section here too, they aren’t shown anywhere – just stick with putting your details in where it says “Edit your profile” above!