Wednesday’s Pre-Trial Review Postponement

We (the Leaseholders’ Forum) have just received an email from the Leasehold Valuation Tribunal (LVT) in regards to the Pre-Trial Review that was originally due on 20th February.  The review has now been postponed until 4th April.  The email is displayed at the end of this update for your reference.  For the background on this case please see:

This is very much a developing situation and it will be a number of days before we can fully interpret the potential implications and options that the postponement presents.  As soon as there is more useful information available we will of course update our website at

In the meantime we particularly note that the email from LVT states “that no email correspondence will be accepted in this case”.  As the original deadline for responses (13th February) has already passed, it is unlikely to make any material difference to communications already sent to the LVT.  In our next update we will advise on whether responses already sent (such as the representation requests already emailed into need to be also be sent by post and whether any further representations requests about the Pre Trial Review will be accepted if sent in.

Should you wish to be emailed when there is more advice from the Leaseholders’ Forum simply email with “subscribe” in the title.  All those who have already asked the Leaseholders’ Forum to represent them at the Pre-Trial Review will also be updated at this time (so no need to email us again!).

Camden Council has also posted an update ( and, again, the Leaseholders’ Forum will consider this information as part of its deliberations.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Ginsberg
on behalf of the Leaseholders’ Forum
For more information please see:


Dear Sir/Madam

Thank you for your recent correspondence.

A Procedural Chairman of the Tribunal has asked me to write to you.

As the number of Respondents who have confirmed they wish to attend the pre-trial review scheduled on 20 February 2013 exceeds the capacity of our largest hearing room the pre-trial review is postponed as there is insufficient time to notify all Respondents of a change of venue.

Camden will be contacting all leaseholders shortly with confirmation of the venue and date.

ALL correspondence to the Tribunal should be sent by post, fax (5 pages or less) or both ONLY and must be copied to the other party.  No email correspondence will be accepted in this case.

Ms M Egenti
Case Officer
020 7446 7806

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