Leaseholders’ Forum – our elections! Your opportunity!

Camden Leaseholders’ Forum is run by Camden leaseholders* for Camden leaseholders*. We get re-elected every three years and anyone can stand and have the opportunity to make a difference.

That time is now upon us! You’ll need to act fast as, if you want to stand for the Forum, you need to apply by 31st July.

This is what Peter Wright, current Chair of the Forum has to say:
“We need to more active online; to reach and involve the 40% of leaseholders who are now non-resident; we need to be far more active about service standards for all our leaseholders; and we need to be more flexible so those who can help their fellow leaseholders for part of their time can do so. If you can connect to any of this, stand for election and design the new Forum.”

This is what Camden Council, who assist with the logistical running of the Forum, have to say:
“This summer, the Camden Leaseholders’ Forum will be holding an election for new group members and ex-members wanting to return.

Camden Leaseholders’ Forum is an independent group that represents the leaseholders and freeholders of Camden Council properties. As a member, you will meet senior officers and councillors regularly to discuss things like cleaning or grounds maintenance through to communal repairs.”

What steps do I have to take?
If you are a Camden leaseholder or freeholder and want to stand to become a part of the group, email your name, contact details and Camden address along with up to 100 words explaining the reason you are standing to The closing date is Tuesday, 31st July 2018.

Depending on the number of applicants, there will then be elections, with your statement of standing (above – 100 words) published and sent to leaseholders throughout your local area.

Find out more by calling Camden Council’s Reda Khelladi on 020 7974 3041 or you can also read our more in depth article about the 2015 elections which followed a very similar process. Alternatively visit our website for more details about the activities undertaken and the success achieved over the last three years.

p.s. If you missed it our Spring newsletter, which was posted to all leaseholders, is now available online.

(*) this also includes those freeholders who pay an element of service charges to Camden Council.

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