Leaseholders’ Forum meeting (Tuesday, 28th October) CANCELLED

Dr Peter Wright, Chair of Camden Leaseholders’ Forum writes:

It is with regret that I have had to cancel the meeting scheduled for Tuesday, 28th October.

We were due to discuss issues about the environment with Cabinet Member Councillor Sally Gimson and to discuss, with the relevant Camden Officer, the proposed licensing of sublet premises; a proposal which attracted much attention and some concern from leaseholders.

Due to the important topics being discussed, for the benefit of those leaseholders who cannot attend our meetings, and also to ensure officers are held to any conclusions reached, we need an independent record (i.e. written minutes provided by a suitable person).

The Head of Camden’s Democratic Services has emailed me to say that staff shortages mean she cannot supply a member of her team to take minutes, so we have had to take the decision to cancel the meeting.  There was funding for Democratic Services to support the Forum out of leaseholder service charges (and latterly Tenant and Leaseholder Engagement’s budget) so we are making enquiries.  One other group has been affected by the shortages, and its minutes will be taken within the Housing Department.

The aspiration is to resume Forum meetings as soon as possible.  The next scheduled meeting is 18th November, but at the moment this looks unlikely.  An announcement will be made as soon as there is more news – our website always displays the next confirmed meeting date.

Lastly, the minutes of the September’s Forum meeting have now been published and are available at:

That’s it for now!
Paul Ginsberg
on behalf of Camden Leaseholders’ Forum

More information available at:

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The Leaseholders’ Forum is a volunteer group representing all leaseholders in Camden Council properties and freeholders paying service charges to Camden Council. We scrutinise Camden Council proposals, examine working practices and lobby on behalf of leaseholders to Camden Council.

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