Should landlords need a license? Is caretaking any good?

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– Should leaseholders need a licence to rent out their homes in Camden?
– Is Camden Council caretaking any good? written submissions required by 6th October
– Next Meeting

Should landlords need a licence to rent out homes in Camden?

Camden Council licenses 300 Houses of Multiple Occupation, known as HMOs, under a mandatory licensing scheme. It proposes to widen this out to include more types of shared housing, such as bedsits, house shares and converted flats.  This would include, for the first time, leaseholders who let out their flats to more than one household.

The proposals will take away your current right to sub-let to multiple tenants without Camden’s agreement.

Camden’s stated reasons, proposals and an online survey so you can have your say can be found at with a deadline for responses of 11.59pm on Friday, 14 November 2014.

You will not find much about us leaseholders there but see the request from Council officers in the agenda for our last meeting, and an anonymous letter to Camden New Journal about the same.

We are aware that those who attend our meetings are typically residential leaseholders, so this is an opportunity for non-residential leaseholders to respond!  If you are a potentially affected leaseholder, read this consultation, respond to the survey and also let us know what you feel.

Camden Council’s Housing Scrutiny Committee would like to hear the view of residents regarding the Council’s caretaking service.

These views are to be considered by the scrutiny committee at its meeting on 21st October 2014 (6.30pm). This matter will be dealt with as the first main topic on the committee’s agenda. Residents can put in a written submission or can come along (or both) to present their views to the scrutiny committee in person. If residents wish to put in a written submission then they should provide this to by 6th October.

All feedback to Gianni Franchi, Principal Committee Officer ( / 020 7974 1914).  If you just wish to speak at the meeting then you need to let Gianni know by 17th October 2014

Next Meeting
The meeting will be at 6.45pm on Tuesday, 28th October at Camden Town Hall, Judd Street, Kings Cross, WC1H 9JE; observers are always welcome.  The next open meeting and AGM will be in 2015.

The agenda will be available on our website nearer the time.

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Paul Ginsberg
on behalf of Camden Leaseholders’ Forum
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The Leaseholders’ Forum is a volunteer group representing all leaseholders in Camden Council properties and freeholders paying service charges to Camden Council.  We scrutinise Camden Council proposals, examine working practices and lobby on behalf of leaseholders to Camden Council.

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