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    Please if anyone can recommend a solution or solicitor to help defend against extortionate charges for major works by Camden Council.

    I have been a leaseholder of a single flat in NW3 in a Camden owned building since 2000.
    In 2010 the council did some major works to external of the building, but they did not give me the legally required 30 days notice to review the major works plans before commencement of the works. Thus legally as per 1985 Landlords & Tenant Act, they should not be able to charge me more than £250. But the circuit court judge overruled this legal defence in court case hearing without any verbal or written justification.

    I am faced with £11800 of invoice from council, for works that would have cost less than £100 (which were done just within my home), separate from the external building as part of the major works. In addition, I am being made liable for £20000+ of their legal bills. Considering that I have no savings and I have been out of work for the last three years due to ill health, this unjust decision by court to pay £35000+ would force me to lose the only home that I have managed to build after thirty years of hard work and savings.

    Kindly someone help or guide to defend against such disproportionate and unjust charges, and to challenge the highly immoral and unethical practice to extortionate charges to leaseholders.

    Best wishes and sincere regards.



    I have found Lease Advice Service really helpful. Their website is really useful with case studies & points of law for leaseholders. They also have a phone service where you can call a trained solicitor to discuss your issue in more detail, see attached link:’’

    I hope all works out for you – all the best!

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    Neither the links mentioned above see to work. But I found this page. Is this the service you mean?


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    Strange that you’re not able to use the links that I’ve attached, but yes, the one you’ve added above is for the organisation that I’ve mentioned… you should be able to navigate from there to the pages that are relevant to you. I would highly recommend that you also make use of their phone line support service where you can get advice from a qualified lawyer.

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