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    Hi all,

    I’m having a nightmare getting any help from Camden. Both related to the major works team. I’ve emailed 3 times over the last 23 days with no response, phoned multiple times after being on hold for 20 mins and told I’d get a call back which never happened. I just feel like I’m being totally ignored and I’m going to probably make a an official complaint, is that the next step?

    Issues are:
    1. Had a team look at my roof (took 9 months from me reporting) when they left they had broken windows and just told me Camden would sort it. Sent photos to repairs, called, nothing! (15 working days ago)
    2. Had a major repairs bill that is filled with building jargon so I don’t understand what I’m paying for. Phoned the number on the letter. Never answers, never responds to my voicemails. (Letter dated from last year)

    I know there are people on here with far worse problems but this is annoying me so much, is a complaint the best next step? Are there points in our lease that mention this an infringement?

    Thanks all,



    Hi Harry,

    I think you’re on the right track. You’re clearly not getting the service you’re entitled to, so I would start with an official complaint. I’ve been successful using that approach as they have a separate team that will investigate the complaint. I usually email them on and complete the form available here…

    Just be aware that it can take some time to get a response even from the complaints team, at the moment up to 20 working days. So if the issue is urgent you need to find an alternative route.

    Have you also contacted leaseholder services? If not, I would contact them first as they are ultimately representing the landlord.

    It might be possible to go and see them in person on Judd Street, I have never tried. Don’t know if you need to make an appointment.

    Not sure about infringement. I doubt they’re in breach with the leasehold agreement. Suggest you seek legal advice if you want to go down that route.




    Hi Harry,

    I totally agree with Martin, go down the complaints route! I’ve had to go down that route before. Camden is appalling, I’ve had several issues with communication and information given.

    Peter Wright


    From 5.30pm to 7pm before each Leaseholders’ Forum meeting members of Camden Council’s Leaseholder Services team come in person to help go through issues that you are struggling to resolve satisfactorily. You must book your slot via in advance. If you can still make it, there is a Leaseholders Forum on Tuesday, 19th at the Crowndale Centre with a preceding session of slots. Call and e-mail them to see if they can fit you in.

    A further option is to see your ward Councillor at their surgeries, which are all on the Camden website. A Member’s Complaint has priority.

    Peter Wright

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