Communal Boiler Shocker!

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    Dear all,

    I’m new here and I would like your advise and support.

    I’m based in a small estate. For the past two years council has installed a temporary boiler contracting out to GEM.

    Residents have not been consultated neither informed about any decision nor planning on this whether freeholders/leaseholders. Etc.

    Council have found a loophole and making excuse that they do not need to consult anyone because they are contracting out month by month to GEM, for the past two years, spending over for example £88+K in one financial year. Leaseholder usually consultated for any work £250 per unit or £100.

    I have requested to leave the communal boiler however without any references I have been refused. There is an exception to this I believe e.g. following Cllr. Fulbrook consultation that is on this webpage that discreation can be applied. There is also precedent for this in the block and generally in the estate. I was told it would be harmful/disruptive if I were to leave, yet they have several people in the recent past who have left the system.

    Is there any advise on this that you could give me so that I can challenge council both of the excessive use of contracting out, which seems to be very poor decision making and management, but also morally outrage that council is wasting tax payers money on this large sum. In addition, there is rumours that council will be installing a new boiler, surely this would be point before that I can step out of the new system?
    Anyone here who has some legal background that can advise?

    Any advise will be appreciated.


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