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    Great news if you are tired of receiving instant notifications of new discussion posts.
    You are now able to receive a digest (monthly or weekly or daily) listing the topics which have been posted on the Discussion Board.

    We have initially set everyone to receive a monthly condensed digest AND the instant notifications.

    You can choose your preferences when you are logged-in by clicking on ‘Edit Profile’ (see NOTES below).

    When logging in, your username is the one you requested, it is NOT your email. Drop us a line if you have forgotten it.
    If you have forgotten your password click ‘Get New Password’.

    Or if you would like us to make the changes for you just drop us a line to give your preferences camden@leaseholdersforum.org.uk as
    Digest: WEEKLY (or DAILY)
    Instant notifications: NO (or YES)

    NOTES about changing preferences in ‘Edit Profile’
    Do not change these first two items:
    ‘Forum Notification Preference: Allow all notifications’
    ‘Opt-Out Link Behaviour: Block all notifications’
    As you wish, change (now or in the future)
    ‘Forum Digests:’ untick if you don’t want them
    ‘Digest Frequency:’ change if you prefer weekly or daily
    ‘Instant Forum Notifications:’ untick if you do not want to receive them for now
    ‘Digest Type:’ change if you would prefer a full digest (examples are given).

    And that’s it! Simples.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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