Double glazing replacement

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    We have about three panels in the double glazing the council put in some years back that have got condensation in them and need to be replaced.

    We are in one of the highly blocks on the regents Park estate. Has anyone any advise on how to get this fixed. Are Windows the leaseholders problem or Camden’S??


    The window units themselves (not the surroundings) are the individual leaseholder’s responsibility. (page 16 in particular);

    To be honest I think Camden’s attitude to this has previously varied but they now seem to have come up with a consistent position.


    Thanks Paul, I think that is reasonable position. It would be good if there were a few recommended suppliers though for things like this.


    Hi Joshnic. I know where you are coming from 🙂 From my perspective it starts to get into “conflict of interest” territory where someone says “I have a cousin that does that” or “would you mind forwarding on/advertising my services”. There are many companies offering double glazing, so I (personally) have reluctantly decided its a distraction from the main Forum activities (and has historically been the consensus opinion, although it hasn’t been discussed recently). Also, in this age of litigation, if we were to publicise someone who then does a poor job, this would give the Forum a bad reputation, so we (the Forum) are playing better safe than sorry.

    That said, I know when I got my double glazing replaced a few years ago, trying to get someone to actually turn up, take measurements and then actually write back to me afterwards was an absolute nightmare.

    Cheers, Paul

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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