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    James Pappas

    I have recently applied for an HMO and one of the rules is to install an extra radiator in the main bathroom.

    My flat is connected to the central communal system which has to provide a reasonable and normal temperature throughout the flat as per my lease (Clause 4.4 pages 18-19). The Mechanical Service Manager for the communal system stated in his email that the communal system provides a reasonable and normal temperature throughout my flat.

    However the HMO officer insists that the radiator is still necessary even if the temperatures are good.

    Has anyone else experienced this kind of problem?

    Read more at: http://curnockstreetestate.com/2016/11/22/hmo-requirements/

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    Peter Wright


    Thanks; I have not met this before but suggest you take the issue to Pat Callaghan, the Cabinet Member, who does leaseholders surgeries wjich we advertise.

    James Pappas

    Thank you


    Hi James,

    I have had my inspection today as it happens – went quite well although we cannot have the small bedroom as a bedroom if we are using the Living Room as a Bedroom as well – although the Tenants prefer to use it the way it is now. The point is that the Council wanted to insist on 9sqm but will now accept 7.1sqm where there is a separate communal room available

    One point that has been made to me today is that the Government may be about to introduce National Room Standards on the new Housing & Planning Act – I have had a look around and found http://www.rla.org.uk/landlord/guides/room-sizes-for-houses-in-multiple-occupation.shtml – quite interesting as it suggests Councils should consider each case on its own merits rather than setting minimum limits as Camden has been done (I don’t know how up-to-date this information is though) It also suggests that the National standard already set is 6.5sqm / 70sqft

    (I believe yours is 6.4sqm anyway so this would be a moot point)

    They also want a wash basin in the toilet which is unfortunate as it is going to need major work to bring the hot water in (and the cubicle is only 75cm wide)!

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    Regarding your own situation on the heating it does indeed appear within the HMO Standards (p3) but it doesn’t stipulate that it has to be a radiator on the central heating system so you could also consider installing an electric radiator or heated towel rail.The fact it will never be used (or if it is it will be on the Tenants’ Electricity Bill) is beside the point

    Very interesting to see the contrasting responses between the two Council Departments though – you could certainly challenge Leaseholder Services’s compliance with the Lease on the basis their own HMO Officer does not consider the heating system to be adequate.

    Does go back to the other link though where they suggest each case should be considered on its own merits.

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