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    Robin is a new food waste collection and recycling service launching for Londoners.

    We are looking for people passionate about the environment to help trial the service:

    How does it work?
    1. We drop smart, reusable food bins through your letterbox
    2. You add your food waste, then pop it outside when it’s full
    3. We collect your bin and replace it with a fresh, clean one
    4. We deliver your food scraps to a food waste recycling facility

    Why are we building Robin?
    Food waste sent to landfill releases methane which heats the planet up to 84x more than CO2. Despite this, millions of UK households can’t get their food scraps recycled by their councils.

    By 2023, councils are legally mandated to offer food waste collection to everyone. Unfortunately “everyone” mostly only means kerbside properties, and not necessarily blocks of flats or flats on commercial streets (above shops). This is because these properties cause significant logistical and economic complexities, but they also make up a huge percentage of London’s households.

    Even within councils that do currently offer food waste pickup, uptake rates are very low. Often only 1 in 4 for kerbside properties, and as low as 1 in 20 for blocks of flats.

    This needs to change. The councils are struggling. So we decided to help.

    Who are we?
    Hello – we’re Julia and Nic. We’ve been running a tech startup for the last 6 years, servicing customers across 169 countries.

    We got frustrated that neither of our councils can offer food waste recycling to us, so we decided to put our startup experience towards bringing a new, fresh perspective to the problem.

    How much will it cost?
    We don’t know the exact cost yet, that’s why we need to trial it. We need to take into account the type of bins, vehicle hire and fuel (ideally electric), waste recycling fees, labour costs for collections, emptying and cleaning bins, etc.

    Whilst we have a beautiful spreadsheet that calculates all of this, we won’t know for sure until we trial it. And of course the more people using the service, the lower we can get the price.

    Ultimately our goal is to make it as affordable for as many people as possible. We’re aiming to keep it as low as a few coffees per pickup.

    How can you get involved?
    We need people to trial the service. You’ll be amongst the very first to test it out and your feedback will help shape everything including the design of the bins, pickup times, pricing and more.

    To register your interest simply visit or email

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