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    I am trying to get detailed info out of Camden regarding the calculation of our yearly heating and hot water service charge. Can anyone help with this?

    All they provide on the service charge notice is the block total cost, then divide that down to individual flat level. But how is the block total calculated? Leaseholder Services have been no help so far.

    I want to know what annual gas consumption has occurred (in kWh or cubic metres) and what Camden is charging per unit of gas. This is basic info so that we can see what value for money the bulk gas network is giving us compared to private homes with their own boilers.

    My estate (Oakshott Court) is about to have major works to upgrade all the communal hot water and heating infrastructure. Costs per flat are huge and I want to know what value for money the communal system gives us before the works go ahead. If it is poor value then upgrading the infrastructure is a bad idea – we should fight to disconnect and get individual boilers!

    Any help much appreciated.


    Hi there,

    The newish Camden Council Service Charge Guide (pages 17 and 35) might be of use. Also the Leaseholders’ Forum have created two guides which explain about heating upgrades and the gas system that Camden Council uses:


    Personally, I’m in in favour of individual systems and have not yet heard of any estates that love their communal systems…

    p.s. I believe, if you really want, you can contact the Leaseholder Services team to visit their offices and see the actual invoices. Whether this makes them good value, is an entirely different matter!

    Best regards and good luck!
    Paul Ginsberg
    Leaseholders’ Forum member


    What amazes me is that Camden do not seem to have robust figures to show the cost of communal systems per flat vs individual boilers, and yet when they consider changes to communal systems they are supposed to be considering the best value options.

    How can they do this is they have no figures worked out?

    Or have they done some calculations and found they are embarrassing so they don’t show them to anyone?
    Is there a councillor onboard with this issue?


    Hi there
    You should send your concerns to Kier Stramer at keir.starmer.mp@parliament.uk
    I’m getting increasingly frustrated and disgusted by Camden’s lack of clarity regarding their charges and think we need to make sure all make our concerns and reservations heard otherwise they will continue to get away with charging us absurd fees.
    There’s no one we can speak too


    Thanks, I will try emailing the MP and also some of our councillors…


    I did recently, and after years of wrangling, manage to get to some real numbers – and even a writeback and annual future reduction. I think this was down to refusing to pay the service charges for heating and hot water to the point of threats by Camden’s solicitors. There seems to a need for a further level of leaseholder representation – more aggregated than this Forum – which can engage Camden on behalf of leaseholders from more than one estate, and if appropriate suggest widespread withholding of charges until Camden fulfills its legal obligations regarding charges justifications.


    Are any of those figures relevant to share billmurray?

    I agree it would be great to have more powerful representation before Camden’s managers. In some ways that is what our councillors are for I guess.


    I think that’s exactly what we need BillMurray. Has anyone ever tried to get group representation before?


    Group representation is a good idea I think. I’ve been trying to get responses from Camden on major works for over a year – endless contentless holding responses. This forum provides a good place for venting but couldn’t we join forces somehow?


    Re oakshott’s message above: figures only relevant if you have significant non-residential consumers on your district system. (I’ve posted about this somewhere else on the Forum..)

    Yes Councillors can help a great deal – we have found Councillor Vincent to be particularly good – but they need co-ordinated support.


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