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    Hello Members,

    I just wanted to bring a company to your attention. Hyperoptic are a new broadband provider working in London with blocks of flats to bring super-fast (1Gb) fibre broadband to residents. So far it looks like they’ve fit out some private blocks in Camden, but no Council Owned blocks yet.

    I reached out to them and asked about the status of negotiation with Camden Council to bring their 1Gb service to Camden Council blocks. Whilst they said they have worked with other councils, they are still in the preliminary phase with Camden. I don’t think they have any eversion to working with Camden Council, nor do I believe the council should have an eversion to working with them. There’s no reason Council leaseholders, nor tenants shouldn’t also have super-fast broadband.

    The reason for posting this is you can register your interest for a high-speed broadband link in your estate – doing so will help them strengthen the negotiations with Camden Council.

    If you are unsatisfied with your broadband currently, or are interested in a faster service you can register your interest here – https://hyperoptic.com/map/

    If you would like to know more about Hyperoptic, the contact I spoke to said he’s happy for me to post his details.
    Sam Smith <sam.smith@hyperoptic.com> – You can email him about your estate directly if you prefer, or if you are responsible for a residence association for whom you think this might be or interest – he can help send further material etc.

    I will also email my estate manager to make him aware, I just thought I would share the opportunity. I am currently using Sky broadband, but it seems easily overloaded during peak hours – over the next few years this is likely to get worse as more and more people start using streaming services.

    I hope this might be of interest to some of the members here.

    All the best,

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