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    Unbelievably, Camden Leaseholder Services is the holder of the HQN (Housing Quality Network) accreditation.

    According to HQN “an HQN Accreditation mark is a visible sign that your organisation not only meets or exceeds good practice standards, but is also proud to offer a best-in-class service to its tenants and residents.”

    In the Spring 2018 newsletter Camden LS writes “the award aims to give you confidence that the services we provide are run well, delivering positive outcomes with good value for money.”

    This is nothing I recognise from my experience with Leaseholder Services. HQN is conducting its annual assessment next month in July. I have written to HQN with several examples of unacceptable practices and unjustifiable charges over the past few years, which would have been paid by leaseholders if they had been left unchallenged.

    If you also feel let down by the “service” provided by Leaseholder Services, please write to hqn@hqnetwork.co.uk or directly to the deputy CEO Lydia Dlaboha lydia.dlaboha@hqnetwork.co.uk. An award should be deserved, so HQN is clearly missing here something.

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