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    Hi all,

    I never had any major works carried out in my flat but from what I can see (badly installed double glazing windows and doors by balcony) and hear it seems the quality has constantly been poor.

    The letter we received in August states the following:

    What work will you carry out in my home?
    The main part of the job is the installation of the HIU, associated distribution pipework and radiators within each home. We would come and visit you before works starts to discuss where in your flat the HIU could be installed.

    Our workmen will also complete:

    • All associated electrical works and controls.
    • All associated structural core drilling through floors and walls.
    • All associated builders work, making good and local redecorations.
    • All flushing, sterilisation, testing and commissioning of the works.

    Can I ‘opt-out’ of the work if I am a leaseholder?

    If you are a leaseholder you will have the option to have a contractor of your own choosing complete some of the internal works to your flat rather than have the council complete the works for you. We would still need to install a Heat Interface Unit (HIU) in your flat and decommission the old system. You would then have the option to have a contractor of your choosing connect to the HIU and complete all the works listed above.

    You cannot opt-out of having the HIU installed because this is what will deliver heating and hot water to the flat from the boiler room.

    Keeping the above in mind has any of you maybe considered checking out a few different contractors and using the most suitable one for all the leaseholders, who agree to opt out. This might give us a chance of getting a better deal and better quality work.

    Again I am not at all an expert but sure a few of you might be plumbers, electricians, builders, decorators, architects or anything similar.



    You could try to have the internal works done separately, but it may not be worth the trouble. I live in the Brunswick Centre and our heating/hot water system was replaced in 2009. The internal work wasn’t done to a great standard, but it was all right. The problem was in the main boilers or the distribution system (we have never worked out which, and Camden has not volunteered the information even when the issue was before the LVT). The system has broken down hundreds of times (literally) since installation, although not every breakdown affected every flat, and only on a couple of occasions was the problem something inside our flat.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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