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    Hi, I am the leaseholder of a ground floor flat and the flat above me has a water leak into mine.
    The flat above me is also owned by a leaseholder and is currently let out.
    The water is leaking through our flat into a basement store / office area.
    The leaseholder of the flat above is not doing anything about the leak as he doesn’t want to upset his tenants!

    I have had to call in Camden Repairs to investigate the leak from his flat and they have said that it is not a communal pipe, so it’s not their problem.

    Surely he has broken the terms of his lease by allowing an escape of water (nuisance).
    More importantly he is destroying the fabric of the building, Camden’s Building.
    I would like Camden to enforce the Lease Covenants but I cannot get through to anyone.
    Your help and guidance would be greatly appreciated.


    Contact leaseholder services and advise on the breach of lease covenants re: state of repair.

    Also contact insurers and out them on notice and advise of the leaseholders failure to mitigate loss. That will result in insurers contacting Camden to intervene as freeholder.


    Hi Greg

    Thanks for your message.

    I have spoken to Leaseholder Services, who contacted Camden Repairs and they have said that it is an issue between two Leaseholders!

    I have not contacted the building’s Insurance as yet.

    I was hoping that leaseholder services would pass on my information to Camden’s Legal Team to enforce the breach of Lease.

    I cannot seem to get anywhere with Camden.



    How did you solved this issue of yours?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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