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    Hi there, Does anyone know how long Camden have to bill you for major works? I’ve just had one dating from 2013/2014. I actually thought I had paid this so I’m dragging out old receipts from my files, but it would be good to know if they have a cut-off point. i thought it was five years but strangely can’t find any info on Camden’s website! Thanks for any help you can give.


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    I am no expert. But my research suggests that the limitation period for recovering a service charge in the case of a Camden lease is 12 years. As the leases are made by deed the service charge falls under section 8 of the Limitation Act 1980.
    I note that a Camden lease does not reserve service charges as ‘rent’ which is why section 19 (6 years) does not apply.
    Of course, Camden can seek to recover no greater amount than it has notified under the 18 months rule.


    I have also got a large revised major works bill 7 years after I thought I had finished paying it off. Does anyone know how this works if the property has had a change of ownership over this period? I used to co-own the property and the major works bill was part of the calculation of settlement. If this bill was given to me 7 years ago when it should have, it would have been split between two parties. Many thanks.


    Your solicitors should have had that settled during the purchase and should have requested a retainer so that in the event of further charges it would be used to cover the seller’s share of the bill. The seller would not have been obliged to pay the retainer but it should have been asked. You should check the agreement and contact your solicitor because although there may not be any oney held for this it might have been agreed it would be paid. Do it quick as the statute of limitations may come into play (6 years).

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    I have asked to be registered on the forum but need some specific help and don’t know who to turn to.

    I own a unit in small block of 3 units in West Hampstead. The unit below is owned by the council and is rented a nursery provider (although it’s been vacant for a year now)
    The top unit is also owned by the council and has council tenants in it.

    The total cost is £54,428.77
    They have asked for me to pay £31055.46

    Basically, because they have worked it out on rentable value, The unit bellow as a nursery (despite being vacant) is Zero-rated. The unit above is larger than my unit but somehow has a lower rentable value than my flat.

    I don’t know what to do about this and difference is significant as you can see ?

    Any advice would be appreciated

    Kind regards

    Steven Mitchell
    07808 771398

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