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    I was hoping someone here can help me. I just bought this place a couple months ago so don’t want to annoy my neighbors and just wanted some advice. I have met my neighbor however his kitchen window is broken and all boarded up with wood, I have to walk past it everyday and it bothers me, apparently it’s been like this for 9 years. Also, his garden is an absolute tip and once again I have to look at it everyday. Is there any sort of rules about this as a tenant? I don’t want to get on his bad side but also don’t feel I should have to look at it. Many thanks in advance for your input.


    If the person is a Camden Council tenant then they have certain obligations:—information-for-tenants-of-camden-council-homes.en and in particular page 130 of the PDF attachment listed there. It’s in the section about tenancy conditions. Contact Camden (020 7974 4444) will then have the right escalation details for you.

    To be honest I don’t know if this also applies to leaseholders (I think there may be some provision) or privately owned properties, so it depends on who their landlord is, and whether they are definitely a tenants. We’ve a guide here that helps works out who is a leaseholder:


    Hi guys
    I have the same problem in a way. My next door neighbour is a hoarder and is a council tenant. His property was so bad that 2 years ago the council moved him out and spent thousands doing it up only to let him move back in again. The place is nearly back to the way it was. His garden is overgrown into mine. Hasn’t been done since he moved back. The council just don’t want to know.i hope you get yours sorted


    Camden told me all their leases have the same standard wording. If so, there are most definitely clauses that should prevent this.

    On the other hand, leaseholders breach the terms all the time (who repaints every 5 years?). So, it will likely take some pressure from you for the council to do anything.

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