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    Hi all. We bought our flat 1 year ago and we had issues with a council tenant living above us since. He is playing loud music almost every day after 8pm which is very annoying because sometimes it goes on until midnight.
    We reported it to the Council via our Camden account, we called the patrol officer many times and we spoke to this guy many times.

    Has anyone had similar issues before? Is there a way to make sure the Council is acting? It seems like they are avoiding our emails and our online complaints and reports.

    Thank you


    Hi Giulia,

    If you aren’t getting a proper response from the council, which is unfortunately quite common, you can raise a formal complaint. You should receive an acknowledgement quite quickly and they will investigate. Details are here:

    They should report back within 20 days, but you may have to chase them. Involve your local councillor if you still don’t get a response.

    Best wishes,



    Unfortunatley Camden Council is absolutely hopeless when it comes to dealing with anti-social residents, which are often just moved from one estate to another. Inaction by the Council is a clear breach of their landlord responsibilities towards tenants and leaseholders, who have a right to a quiet enjoyment of their flats. From experience, the standard response from Camden Council officers is “call mobile security patrol” or “dial 101”.
    Apart from raising a formal complaint I would get in touch with your Ward Councillor ( ). I would tell the councillor that your reports of ASB have been repeatedly ignored by the Council, and I would ask the him/her to get the Council to take immediate action against their anti-social tenant. I would not call the Mobile Security Patrol, because for every call-out you will be charged in your service charge bill. In effect you are paying for the Council not assuming its obligations as the landlord and freeholder. Rather call 101 (non-emergency police).

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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