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    Hi, I’ve moved into an ex local authority place in Kilburn that has communal heating which is always on.
    The heating pipes run down behind the wall of our bedroom and make a really loud hissing noise 24/7. So much that it’s impossible to sleep without ear plugs.
    We had a plumber round and he said there is nothing they can do and said he would raise a noise complaint but it’s highly unlikely that anything will happen.
    Where do I go from here? I really can’t see myself getting used to a loud constant hissing/pipes clanging noise 24/7!


    If you’re suffering, perhaps your neighbours are too. Consider forming a TRA or Leaseholders Association, which will lend weight to your complaint (sorry that no other solutions leap to mind – others might have better suggestions?)

    Also, make you sure keep a note as to the complaint reference to check that it is being processed correctly. You might also want to speak to your local councillor to see if they will take up your case.

    There are guides on all of the above (forming associations and complaints) here:

    Best of luck,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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