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    How long does it usually take to obtain Permission from Camden to undertake repairs etc?

    1) Flat redecoration and repair of ceiling cracks, damp and electric socket damage caused by a major leak (requiring at 11pm a Fire engine + Camden emergency electricians and plumbers) in the flat above ours from the mains pipe to the boiler. – Camden repairs say this is due to wear and tear, other flats have had their piping renewed already but this was not allowed when scheduled last year.
    2) Kitchen cupboard renewal – due to worksurface minor damage from leak (see 1) above) and cupboards being too old to receive a further worksurface renewal – which the insurers have offered.

    3) Replacement of the old painted front door, side narrow window and door frame in line with the rest of the block’s wood door replacements. (Also, how do they reconcile the charges as the doors and windows are technically the leaseholders’ and the door frame Camden’s?

    How should we proceed if permission has not yet materialised?

    The leak occurred on 31st March 2015 and we have been in touch repeatedly with the Housing officers, Repairs and other Depts. in Camden since then but have got virtually nowhere.

    As our flat is no longer occupied we are losing a considerable amount of money as a consequence of the many continuing delays by Camden. Your advice would be very welcome. Thank you.


    Hi there. I’m a bit confused. Repairs to your own flat are your responsibility. If the repairs are the consequence of problems in another flat then I *think* your Camden Council buildings insurance should cover this and you claim on that, calling the insurance company directly (and they will let you know how to proceed).

    I could be missing something here and suspect I am!

    For what it’s worth, if you think that some Camden Council service is failing and not responding in a timely fashion, then the most expedient is to lodge a formal complaint: Here’s the Leaseholders’ Forum guide:

    Best regards, Paul Ginsberg


    We have a leasehold property which we currently rent out. When we had a problem caused by a leak from next door, where Camden’s contractors were renovating a social housing property, Zurich insurers paid out for repairs, including some loss of rent as for a while our flat was was uninhabitable. They were very helpful.

    The main thing is to document everything really well:
    – keep a log of your calls to leaseholder services or other Camden departments, with times of call and who you spoke to.
    – get their permission ahead of time if you plan to get your own person in to do work that you want them to pay for (we did this in a phone call so there was no wait).
    – take photographs of the problem and work completed.
    – get receipts.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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