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    Hi All,
    in my online Camden Account, there are estimates for ‘planned works programmes’ for 2022/23 and 2023/24 under “Better Homes Mechanical and Electrical (block)”.
    For both years they state exactly the same costs, £140K, with the main bulk shown against Heating (£110K), Leaseholder Fees (£13K) and Delivery Fees (£17K). Estimated cost per unit is £7K, in each year.
    No further details of the works are shown.

    I find it strange that the exact same amounts are shown for both years and that I have not received any notification from Camden that works are planned. I only found these estimates by chance in my online account.

    These estimates are for planned works 3 years ahead, but does anyone know how much notice Camden have to provide leaseholders with and when consulation would need to commence ?

    How can I find out more details of the planned works and the estimates made ?


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