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    I have the leasehold of the upper flat in a house in Gaisford Street (1860s, in conservation area). Camden are undertaking external decoration and roof upgrade at the moment (after I spent two years chasing them to get it done). Back when the spec was signed off I asked if they could replace a bedroom window with a modern casement style window with a sash window in keeping with the rest of the building. I chased for three months, was repeatedly fobbed off and have just today been told it requires planning permission so they won’t do it during these works. I’d appreciate advice on who is the best contact at Camden to start the process of planning consent for replacing the window.


    I live in Holly Lodge and would like to replace my old window and no luck from the council


    Why you can’t replace a window?


    Hi Carolyn, there is a section on the Camden website specifically about planning permission for windows:

    That has a link to apply for permission


    In a Conservation Area, anything other than like for like window replacement may need planning permission, even if it is obviously going to improve the appearance of the house. You have to go to Camden’s Planning Portal and start another long trek through the byways of Camden bureaucracy.

    Or you could just get it done by someone else while the scaffolding is up. Get a local joinery to measure up and make the window/frame, then fitting is a morning’s work for a carpenter. If it was done on a Saturday it wouldn’t interfere with Camden’s decorators. You’ll have to pay for it, of course, but you have to pay for planning permission/advice, too, so maybe the costs would be similar. It’s a risk, but what is Camden going to do, take you to court for improving the appearance of your house?

    By the way, I am just starting on the great Please-Camden-will-you-redecorate-my-house journey — three months in and I have literally gone in a circle from me asking, How do I get this work planned and budgetted for, to Camden saying, We don’t have plans or budgets for this work!

    Any tips, suggestions or contacts very welcome! Who in the end authorised the work?

    Good luck!

    St Alban’s Road

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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