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    We have received a major works bill, like most people on here with some of the charges have been called unnecessary and the lawyer thinks there may be a good case for reduction of total charges at a tribunal.

    My questions are please

    a) If the DWP had given us some funding for this due to illness/circumstances and then that money stopped, so part of the bill was paid with the government funding but now they are not giving anymore and the majority of the bill is still to be paid and it could potentially be way too much. Can you still take the Council to a tribunal to get the total bill reduced. Lets say 1k of 15k was paid so far. Or, can you only go to tribunal if none of the bill has been paid. I called up the tribunal service and they don’t answer those question. The leasehold advisory service, an appointment is booked but not till 1 week from now and need to ideally reply to the council much sooner than that.

    b) If you lose a tribunal. So if the court does not uphold any part of your case, do you have to pay the council’s legal bill?

    c) If the tribunal thinks that the charge stands but is reduced as some of the charges are unreasonable so not all that they are asking for is owed, do you have to pay their legal bill then?

    Thanks if anyone knows 100% on these things!

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