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    NW5 leaseholder

    Hi fellow leaseholders,

    I am posting to request for some advice please. The children play equipment on our estate needs to be refurbished. Would leaseholders be responsible for covering the costs (i.e costs recharged leaseholders)?. It’s a community space and can be used by the public, so I’m wondering whether it is the responsibility of Camden to cover the costs and not leaseholders.

    Are there any other leaseholders who have had to pay to replace playground equipment on their estate? If so, would the total bill be divided by ALL householders on the estate (with only leaseholders required to pay their portion) or would the total bill only be divided by the number of leaseehold properties? An advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    The costs of maintenance and refurbishment of playgrounds and ball courts on estates are recharged to leaseholders. The bill is divided by the total housing units on the estate, so leaseholders only pay their portion. It is the same calculation that is used for service charges for estate repairs.

    However, on most estates where playgrounds are used by the wider community, Camden deducts 20% of the costs before passing on the remainder to the estate. On our estate we were able to argue that the majority of users of the ball court were not estate residents. Eventually, after 5 years of dispute, they only recharged 50% of the capital cost of rebuilding the ball court. We were a special case: the smallest estate in Camden with a ball court (39 units)

    Peter Wickenden

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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