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    Hi, not sure if this is right place for this.

    I received a S20 notice for remedial damp treatment to a bedroom in my neighbours basement flat in 2013, the bill became payable in 2014.

    My question is that in the last 6 months I have received a estimated bill to aid ventilation and condensation control and a DPC inject survey in the same property that had remedial damp treatment in 2013. I know that condensation/ventilation cause and contribute to damp problems, so am I now paying again for something that should have been fixed in 2013?

    On the Service Charges schedule of repairs and maintenance for 2015/16 that I recently received there seems to be another charge for chemical drilling DPC that was in 29/03/16. I have contacted leaseholder services who are waiting on a reply from the contract manager.

    Does Camden council not bother with a guarantee on extensive repairs like remedial damp treatment? I think the estimated bill was about £3600.00 in 2012 and was eventually just over £7000.00 in 2014, with the other proposed work it will come to over £10000.00 in less than than 3 years.

    Surely the Council has a responsibility to ensure that they are not constantly repairing something and never getting it right.

    Sorry if I sound a bit annoyed but I feel so helpless with Camden’s ever increasing charges and bill’s coming through the letter box.

    Thanks Canshe

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    Some work Camden does get a guarantee for – ask them and they should be able to tell you. There are documented cases where there is a guarantee but the staff didn’t realise so they didn’t invoke the guarantee; nevertheless if we/you catch that error it means that the leaseholder shouldn’t have to pay.

    It’s a useful point, that leaseholders need to (sadly) be asking for guarantees as part of any remedial works, to prevent the situation you describe.

    That said, occasionally pinpointing damp is not a straight-forward business.



    Thank you for your reply Paul,

    Who do I contact about possible guarantee’s on remedial work?

    Can I get a complete breakdown of the works? Stating what was done where and for how much?

    I often find the Bill I’m sent is very sketchy with the barest of information.

    Thanks Canshe


    Hi Canshe. There should be contact details on the notice/bill you have received. Start with that to field your questions.



    Thank you very much, I appreciate you taking the time.

    Regards Canshe


    A pleasure! I sometimes realise that I’ve picked up a bit of knowledge/skills over the last 4 or 5 years I’ve been a Forum attendee and then a member!


    Sorry to chip in. The big problem is that the repairs service does not know about the capital works service.
    Therefore they don’t know whether something is under guarantee or not.
    Seeing as how repairs don’t care about the cause of the issue they will never know , nor do we a lot of the time,
    whether the cause was bad workmanship on the initial work or just another ongoing problem.
    I have had to go to Freedom of Information to find out guarantees ( or lack of ) on for instance
    a large boiler that was installed and broke within a few years but it only cost a million quid
    so not to worry. I imagine the leaseholders will manage to cover some of the costs in time.


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