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    Would anyone be able to offer me some advice or point me in the right direction on how I go about selling my ex-council property. I am a leaseholder & want to sell my flat, but understand under the conditions of Right To Buy the council has first refusal when I want to sell. Any Camden website links would be appreciated.


    You need to read your lease. Usually a certain number of years must pass, then you are you free to sell to whoever.


    I was referring more to the council’s new(ish) initiative to buy back ex- council properties (under the Right to Buy scheme)
    And want to know whether this was just a concept or has actually been put in motion. I really want to sell my council property with a quick sell (for obvious reasons with 2021 March looming), so would love to hear from anyone who is aware of the above scheme, is going through the process and knows how it works.


    Yes call me – or 07958 141520


    As far I understand camden council did have a budget to re buy flats in camden from leaseholders.
    However that budget has been used up . And there were properties that they wouldn’t consider. Ones near Hs2


    Has anyone actually sold their property back to the council? I would appreciate some feedback on the proccess.

    Cllr Georgia Gould, Leader of Camden Council, said: “In Camden we are proud to be challenging a national failed approach to tackling homelessness by buying back homes that we have been forced to sell off through years of damaging right to buy policy, and using them to house homeless families in need of temporary …13 Jul 2021


    Regarding Camden’s buy back program from existing leaseholders:
    I had made such inquiry thru my local Councilman and was told that Camden has a price limit of 400,000 pounds
    that was in Summer 2020.
    My flat in West Hampstead was valued by local estate agent at 600,000+
    So i was out of luck.
    I ended upselling to private investor, but because I had carried out renovation work few years back,
    I had to go thru a painful ‘retro approval’ process which cost a ton of money.
    If you want to know more email me [address redacted by Manager – use ‘Send a Message’ in this Discussion Board]

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    Thank you Prafamin. It’s useful to know. I don’t think my flat will be valued over K400 so I emailed my query to the leaseholders services and awaiting their response. I’ve been charged close to K30 for shoddy capital works however I have various ongoing issues which are never properly resolved. I just can’t take it anymore so I need to sell up and move out of London.


    I am pasting a reply below which I had received in July 2020.

    As a first step in selling a Camden Leasehold, I would invite a couple or three
    local estate agents and get a handle on market value.
    If you end up listing with an agent, you will need to engage a solicitor
    and request a sellers pack from Camden for which you need to pay 200 pounds up front and
    could take up to six weeks for them to compile and send to you
    This sellers pack will be needed by the buyer.
    For that send a request email to ‘assignments dept’

    Also to pursue the sale back to Camden contact them with this email address
    Hope this helps.
    Dear Mr &&&&&& (Thisreply was dated July 2020)

    Thank you for providing the requested information/

    I can advise that we would be happy to consider purchasing your property on the TA Purchasing Programme (subject to scheme criteria), however, I note that you have not listed the property value.

    The TA Purchasing Programme adheres to a specific financial model is order to make the scheme viable, therefore, the maximum we are able to offer for a 2 bedroom property in any part of the borough (subject to an independent valuation) would be no higher than £400,000.

    If you wish, we are able to instruct an independent desktop valuation to assess the purchase value, however, as stated the purchase price would be governed by the valuation and would not exceed £400,000. If you are prepared to consider offers in this region I would be happy to procced with a valuation.

    If you would like me to proceed, please provide a video walkthrough of the property, and/or photos and a floor plan, as site visits are currently on hold due to COVID-19.

    Please note that any offer made are not subject to commission fees or admin charges.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    Dean Chrysostomou
    TA Purchasing Project Manager
    Housing Support Services
    Supporting People
    London Borough of Camden

    Telephone: 020 7974 2194
    Mobile: 07717 864451


    Prafamin -Thank you again. It’s all useful advice and I will be getting independent evaluation from a couple of estate agents.Today I received ( surprisingly quickly for Camden Council!) the following reply re: re-purchasing my property:

    Thank you for your email.
    There is a Temporary Accommodation Purchasing Programme that are purchasing ex-council properties back. This scheme is currently closed, but will be re-opening very soon.
    Your interest in the scheme has been noted by the TA Purchasing Project Manager, who will be in touch with you once the scheme has re-opened.
    Kind regards,

    Kate Sangster
    Assignment and Sales Officer

    Telephone: 020 7974 3643

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