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    NW5 leaseholder

    I would like some advice please. Our communal stairwell is being redecorated as part of the Spring Clean programme (walls repainted and new flooring). We received the Notice of Intention letter which also included an itemised breakdown of the costs for all materials to carry out the works. We were also notified that the estimated recharge per leaseholder would be £2260.12. Not only does this amount seem VERY expensive for the amount of work being undertaken but very curiously, another leaseholder at a different estate in the borough is also being charged £2260 for works to their communal stairwell. I thought the calculation of these charges was specific to each individual block. If this is correct, how can the costs to carry out works at two different block costs exactly the same amount? I would like to know if any other leaseholders have been levied with this exact charge under the Spring Clean programme as this would suggest that a blanket charge is being levied to leaseholders.

    Leighton Grove

    Hi, I’ve gone through this 3 times in the last two years with different Major Works.

    I have it in writing that Camden’s policy is now to create an enormous estimate for every job they do, which is far in excess of any possible costs, and that way they can never be caught out by underestimating the final bill.

    Apparently their legal advice is that there is no down side to abusing the consultation process in this way.

    They work out these estimates based on ‘archetypes’ of properties. They don’t visit or look at plans. We received estimated bills for communal areas but there are none.

    That said, get into the nitty gritty of any estimate with a real person at Camden as soon as possible. In my experience they will rip you off wherever they can.

    NW5 leaseholder

    Thank you Leighton Grove, that is very helpful advice and insight. A few of my fellow leaseholders want to sign a petition about the estimate charge for the works but I’ve suggested we hold off until the final bill comes in. I’m not sure if there’s any benefit in taking this further until Camden are in receipt of the final costs for our estate.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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