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    WE at no 10 have not had any heating hot hot water since early November – i.e. over a month now.

    I have been calling Camden repairs on 020 7974 4444 option 3, 1 and 4 and every time been told that someone will call me or the repair is being fixed by engineers attending the boiler house.

    No progress and each day I’m told the same story.

    It seems only us have this problem as no one else has been in touch?

    No one is now living in the flat due to the situation and we are renting nearby.
    No hope of any compensation as freeholders and especially council have a lot more power than leaseholders and also service charges will still be payable.

    What’s worse is there is no one for me to talk to about this and no one else is mentioning this in the forum.


    Hi there. I don’t believe the Forum have had any similar reports though their main channels.

    For what it’s worth, I’ve found that when calling Camden Repairs they’ve happily told me if anyone else in the block has been affected (if I’ve asked). Alternatively do ask your neighbours.

    In terms of getting the issue sorted, I’d definitely ask your local councillor and, given the length of time, perhaps attend their next advice surgery in person. See for more details of when the next surgery is (usually best checking all your local councillors).

    In the meantime, do have a read of our guidance here, as that may help you progress your issue. For instance if you get the ticket reference number you can then ask them to escalate it the following day, if you quote the same reference, and ask to speak to a manager as you can prove that the repair hotline’s promises aren’t being kept (e.g. no callback). More info here:

    Hopefully someone will also be along to let you know what your legal rights are. Given the length of time LEASE or Citizens Advice Bureau may also be able to help.

    Hope that all helps,
    Paul Ginsberg


    2 years ago I was compelled, uncompensated, to move out of my leasehold property as a result of Camden’s HS2 Replacement Housing Scheme. After losing my new correspondence address Leaseholder Services ordered me to pay of a Major Works Bill in 14 months, instead of a possible 3-5 years.

    Shortly afterwards I suffered a stroke and knowing this, Leaseholder Services’ response was to phone me up and threaten to ‘escalate action’ against me if I didn’t agree to a new repayment plan there and then. At the time I was already paying £444+ on top of my day-to-day Service Charge towards the extra bill, whilst also (known to them) suffering financially as a result of my self-employed composer status.

    Although this is only a small part of a long list of complaints I have about Leaseholder Services, I’m wondering if anyone else has any stories about the intransigent bullying nature of Leaseholder Services?

    I’m asking because the New Camden Journal, as well as MP Keir Starmer are now looking into my situation and the CNJ in particular are keen to do an expose piece, hopefully before the upcoming elections, as the Council refuse to look into the matter diligently … or, in fact, at all!

    It serves to benefit everyone (including Camden Council) to bring this matter and others into the open. The more the merrier, as they say!

    All the best,

    Martyn Swain


    In case it might be relevant… we rent out our flat and a couple of years ago were affected by flooding, including sewage, from the flat next door, caused by Camden works. We made a successful claim on the Zurich insurance policy for loss of rent as it made the flat uninhabitable for our tenants. They also paid for our plumber’s costs in investigating the problem before it was traced to next door.

    This might not be relevant, of course, if the loss of heating is not due to accidental damage or some other insured risk.

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