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    I have written to Camden to request more information relating to the vast £14,999 bill that I have received. Yes we received S20 notices and endless paperwork relating to the consultation, but that was a long time ago. I believe that it is unacceptable to receive such a demand, peppered with typos and with such little supporting documentation. Following the debacle of the works themselves (leaks, damage, upheaval, shoddy workmanship, and still HUGE heating bills as we are subsidising flats which use far too much heating & hot water than necessary), this adds insult to injury.

    I have emailed Geraldine Littlechild and Capital Services, CCing Leaseholders Forum, with the following message:

    Good afternoon-

    I have received a demand for £14,999 for Major Works replacing the Webheath Estate heating and hot water system.

    I have a number of questions relating to this:

    – Mention is made of a 1.5% discount for prompt payment of the full amount, but it is unclear from the letters and demands when I need to pay by in order to benefit from the discount. Please let me know immediately when the cutoff date is, so I can plan accordingly.

    – There is no indication of what proportion of the overall costs this 2015-16 demand represents, and what we may be required to pay next year, and the year after. This huge bill will decimate my savings, and I need to know what I can expect in future years. It is Camden’s duty to keep leaseholders informed of the full costs of the project so we are able to budget for any remaining liabilities.

    – Please send a full breakdown of the costs of the works, including any workings that support the £14,999 charge. Also a copy of the documentation to support Camden’s choice of this option.

    Many thanks.

    If any fellow forumites have been in touch with `camden on this issue, or can supply any related information, I’d be very grateful to hear it.

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