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    Hi all,

    The council is planning on replacing the heating and hot water services in Weedington Estate. I’m being asked for a cool £11,600 as my contribution! I’ve checked and I could get my own boiler for £2k-£3k, but of course Camden do not allow leaseholders to install their own boiler.

    I’ve contacted the council repeatedly about this since getting the estimate in July and had nothing back, until I spoke to one of the councillors, who managed to get the director of property management to send me a letter explaining the different payment plans.

    Would any other leaseholders on the Weedington Estate like to get together to discuss a combined action? I am also unsure from the proposal whether the new system will still use gas, which would mean it’d need to be replaced again in a decade or two given the move away from gas.

    I look forward to hearing from anyone in the same predicament.

    Kind regards,



    We had this problem a few years ago, but managed to fend them off.
    It will be good to get tenant support also, rather than relying on a few “greedy fat cat leaseholders”. They will be unhappy about the massive disruption inside their flats, particularly if renewing the distribution system is not really necessary.
    Get hold of their options report – it is likely to be rubbish which you can tear to shreds.
    We punted for individual electric radiators. Failed, but this must be the way to go, so you’ll have more chance this time.
    Bon chance,


    Welcome to the nightmare, we have been going through this process for more years than I care to remember. I’m on St Silas my account at this point stands at 35K for a 1 bedroom flat I’ve been reassured that it will be adjusted down to 29K!!!! Camden have be dishonest and at times as near to liars as you can get. w
    the work on our flats has started and they are treating the building as if it was a new build site. they expect you to clear the flat in such a way that they can work in all areas at the same time with no consideration to the fact that these are our homes with all the possessions that decades of living there entails.
    No one in Camden gives a damn, The Leaseholders Forum is paralysed by a leadership that prefers to sit on it’s hands than fight. There are a few members that have tried to shake things up put with limited success.
    In my case I’m waiting till the work is done and a final account presented and then I will go to tribunal for what I’m guessing will be a long fight with limited success as i cannot afford to pay for representation. But fight i will



    What’s the latest from Camden about these major works?

    I’ve not been living in my flat since early December, and it’s possible letters from Camden have managed to bypass the Royal Mail Redirection service I have in place (a week ago I emailed Camden about this, but as yet they haven’t replied).

    I accepted an offer on my flat in early August last year, having to lower the asking price because of the upcoming major works.

    Now the Buyer has heard on the grapevine that the estimated cost has increased to north of £19,000 (the original estimate back in late June last year was for me just over £10,400). So yet another delay in the long-anticipated completion.

    My solicitor advised that she’s dealing with another sale involving a London council where the estimated cost of the major jumped from £24,000 to £50,000 — without forewarning leaseholders.



    Hi Alex,

    They’ve got some walk-in sessions where you can go in and ask questions although I’ve been trying to speak to someone with Camden for months about why the works are so necessary and more importantly expensive. The best I got was someone calling to explain the payment options! That was last week – they’ve said they’ll have someone relevant contact me but nothing yet.

    What’s incredible about the high cost is that as far as I can tell the work is mainly to replace pipework and radiators – oh, and install thermostats… No idea how it’s got that high.

    As far as I’ve heard there’s been no change to the costs. I think they have started the actual work although I’m not sure how advanced it is, whether it’s just been site inspections or whatever.

    I’ve spoken to the Leaseholder Advisory Service but they said if I want to challenge it then I have to get a cheaper estimate. Which as far as I’m aware will be impossible as it’s work being done over various blocks – not something just one householder can get. I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

    If you would like to discuss further feel free to send me a private message and we can exchange details.




    Hi Craig,

    I am also on weedington road and have received a similar bill. I note that you have also mentioned the same thing I am thinking, I am a heating engineer and also feel that the price is far too high as we are only receiving a heat meter and some radiators. I also feel for around £2500 a whole heating system can be fitted including the radiators and associated pipework. I would be interested in meeting up if possible. I would like to know what would be the situation if we refused to have them installed inside our properties.

    Kind Regards



    Jay – I’d sent you a private message with my phone number if you want to get in touch. Just letting you know in case you didn’t get an alert.


    Isn’t the whole estate being demolished and rebuilt


    Not to my knowledge but wouldn’t be surprised if Camden were planning on knocking my house down without telling me…


    Hi craig , I havent recieved the message. I have alao sent you my number


    I’m in Durston weedington road isn’t that part of Kentish Town west


    Yes the modus operandi seems to be council will not let leaseholders instal their own system, installs communal system for a ridiculous sum and over charges the leaseholders, fails to maintain system which does not last long. Start all over again.


    Hi. I’ve asked this question before but no one seems to have picked up on it. West Kentish Town estate is due to be demolished and rebuilt so why are they even considering putting new heating systems in


    If you can get a copy of the Options Report, which will have considered alternative solutions, you can probably tear it to shreds, in which case Camden would very likely back off. I’d be happy to help (no charge!). Requesting via your Councillor will probably be quicker.


    Hi Jay,

    Sorry for late reply, I haven’t received your message either.. Looks like the messaging system on here doesn’t work.

    Anyway here is my number – I’ve broken it up and used text so no spam bots pick it up!

    Number is:
    oh, double seven, six, five, eight, seven, one, zero, three, zero

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