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    Yesterday received quite a shock when the council demanded £17,500 for window replacements in the coming year.

    There are 55 flats in the block (1-55 Radcliffe House), and my share of the total cost seems reasonable. However, the cost itself is not. There are only 6 windows in my flat – do they really expect it to cost almost 3k per window?! Even when the various other costs, such as for scaffolding are taken into account, the cost of the windows alone is about £11,500 for me personally. If they’re anything less than gold-plated, I can’t see how this is justifiable.

    Is there anything I can do about this? I recall receiving letters informing me contractors had been chosen for some major works, but never was it specified for the windows and never was the cost mentioned other than to say it would be “over £250”. I feel completely ripped off by this – it’s not exactly a sum most people have just lying around, and as per usual I have until the end of the month to start paying it off, with no prior warning as to the scale of the costs. Any help or advice appreciated.


    Leaseholders in Flaxman Court are facing the same problem.Is there some action that can be taken? Looking at the contracts between Camden and enterprises I see bonuses to firms doing the job. I see the threat of 11 months scaffolding which means nearly a year of light deprivation. It is overkill. Is anyone qualified to help us?
    Julia Pascal


    We at the maiden lane estate face the same problem of unfair exorbitant prices. Could we discuss and see whether we can do something together?


    I don’t get the costs either. Camden has regular contractors which must mean long-term discounts and kickbacks for huge orders on items such as windows, electrics, lights, but it does not filter down. Send a msg to one or all of your councillors. Link is here: and mention the huge waste of money being spent. Or is it being spent?

    To be truthful I haven’t had much luck with them, but in these austere times when spending is being slashed these works, unless completely in an emergency should not even be happening. The more we email, the more of us that say the costs are crazy (compared to Everest for instance to name just one high street store) the more we might be able to move them.

    I feel your pain. I was just hit for £2500, but that was for my share of a LIFT!

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