Woodhall boiler replacement

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    Hi, I have just had a notification that the boiler for the Woodhall block is to be replaced.

    As you may or may not be aware there has been extensive building work around the block over the last 3 years.

    Part of this was the construction of the new Netley School and the building of 10 houses on what was the Woodall gardens.

    At the many residents’ meetings with the council, hosted by both Marc Howard and Louise Trewavas, during the planning and building stages, it was impressed upon us (the leaseholders) that one of the major benefits of the new development was that the Woodall boiler would be replaced as it was also going to be used to heat the Netley campus, and that this would be at no expense to the leaseholders.

    This meant we would not bear any of the cost of replacing the old boiler with the new one.

    It was often repeated as a good “compensation” for years of disruption and blight we had to suffer.

    Since this work was carried out there as been nothing but trouble with the hot water system, so I assume the work is yet to be done properly.

    Now finally the system is going to be completely replaced as we told it would in the first place.

    I would like to think that the issuing of the Notice of Intent charge letters have been sent out in error, without seeking any background, rather than a cynical attempt to lie and extort monies from the leaseholders.

    I want to contact both Marc Howard and Louise Trewavas to get the full picture before responding in writing that the leaseholders are not, as previously informed, responsible for the cost of replacing the boiler.

    I have sent this to the council and await a response!

    If there are any other Woodhall leaseholders here please complain too.


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