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    I’ve tried for weeks now to get through to the department at Camden that supplies security key fobs but they never answer the phone. I’ve spoken to a number of people and sent a complaint but all I get is an email back telling me the phone number of the department and of course they don’t answer.

    Can anyone offer an alternative solution?

    Stephen Robins


    You may have already tried this address, but I recently had luck with getting a question answered through I ordered a couple fobs about 2 months ago and it did take a while to get through the phone line. May I suggest anyway that you have a credit card handy (not AMEX)? They will run the details of your card through and you’ll go through a recorded message afterwards. If that credit card authentication fails, it’s a big mess.


    Some key cutters on the high street are also able to cut key fobs so worth a try if you haven’t already looked into this.


    Finally managed to get through and John’s payment screen wasn’t working so he said he would ring me back. He didn’t ring back and I’ve managed to get through four days later. I’ve now made the payment but have to give a payment code given by the automated payment system to the lady who took the order…………and of course I can’t get through!



    I’ve experienced similar problems with getting through to the maintenance department to get a long outstanding issue resolved…
    Leaseholder services have finally realised they have a responsibility to fix the window, so now I too just have to battle with getting through on the phone line to make an appointment!

    By the way I would make sure you check that the fob works when you get it, as I was sent a fob that didn’t & a couple of replacement ones that also didn’t work. It took months getting a working fob as in Camden Council’s wisdom they have contracted out their key fob service to a company that resides outside of London…

    Oh the joys of being a Camden Council Leaseholder

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